East Coast’s Winter Starts Early

11/3/13-The beast of the east opens up for season pass holders.

11/4/13-The beast opens to the public, and unfortunately I’m stuck sitting in class, drawing window details. My autoCAD had a fatal error and quit on me without letting me save my drawing, which is why I am currently writing this blog.

For many of us here on the East Coast we are lucky if we get to my our first tracks by late November. This year things are looking a little different however. With Killington open right now people are out there making turns and slaying down some early season tricks on the rails they have up! I couldn’t be more jealous.

With that being said, I will be traveling to Vermont to make some turns and start warming up for the long season we have ahead of us! If anyone will be at Killington on Sunday come try to find me and the mob! I will have some product and stickers on me and I know how much you guys love hats and stickers!


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