Central Mass 5 Lonboard Festival

Central Mass 5 one of the biggest longboard festivals on the east coast hosting over 500 participants in Categories like mini ramp, downhill, and a slide jam. This event running in its 5th year is hosted by the east coasts Mike Girard AKA DAD. Central Mass 5 as the name says is held in Harvard Massachusetts. The event is designed to allow for a variety of people to compete from young to old and from amateurs to pros. The race portion of the event doesnt require leather which is not very common meaning for many people this is their first race they can afford to enter. Along with not needing extremely expensive race equipment the hill itself is semi simple. The slide jam portion is hosted on a hill a little ways away from the downhill which features a nice consistant slope and at the top some ramps and rails for those who like the diversity. Central mass plans to return next year for their 6th year !


Photo Credit to Will Muench

Jer Gryczka

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